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I’ve always had a bit of a problem with online clothes shopping. Sure, it’s convenient – but fashion is about how something feels and fits, not just how it looks. And you can’t truly know form and fit until you try the item on.
And if it doesn’t fit or perhaps doesn’t go with that outfit you’d planned for it, then back to the seller it goes. Let’s face it, it’s a bit of a faff. Now, though, someone has come up with a solution so simply I’m surprised it’s not been tried before.
I had the pleasure of testing this clever new service a few days ago. It’s called Your Fitting Room and it delivers the boutique experience to your house. This is how it works:
  • Visit the website and select the items you’d like to try and then arrange a suitable day and time for the items to be brought to you
  • It’s delivered by one of the Fitting Room assistants. A very dapper and polite young man, in my case. Your items come on a clothes rail with each item in a stylish cover. You then have a time slot (half an hour or so) to try your selected items on with the rest of your wardrobe in the comfort of your home, while the assistant waits outside in his van
  • You then purchase what you’ve selected and return the items you don’t want


There’s a broad range of designers to choose from, such as Traffic People, Jennifer Hamley, Sarah Bond, Mariana Jungmann, Karma Beach, Pritch London, Moka London, Madison Knight and Hemyca – so you’re bound to find the perfect stylish items to add to your wardrobe. It’s just launched for London at the moment, but there are plans to roll it out across the UK.

Your Fitting Room really brings the in-store experience to your home. Actually, it does more than that. Because you can try the new item on with various pieces from your own wardrobe. So if you fancy turning your home into the world’s most convenient fitting room, try this great new service by clicking here.
Happy shopping!
Coral x


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