Testing Bloom & Halo – a brilliant new skincare brand

Decision paralysis – the struggle is real. It can strike at any time. When I’m trying to pick out a new item of clothing, for example, or when I’m dithering over a bottle of wine in the supermarket or – perhaps most often – when I’m debating whether to try out something new for my skin. I don’t know about you, but I feel overwhelmed with choice so when I do discover something that makes a real difference, I want to share it with everyone I know.


My friends have already heard me evangelising non-stop about Bloom & Halo so I thought it was high time I spread the news further. Developed by dermatologists, it’s a brand based on the latest science but with sustainability and a natural approach at its heart. That means none of the usual ingredient names (and acronyms) that often comprise the small print on the back of packaging – so all products are free of sulfates, phthalates, mineral oils, detergent, petrolatum, synthetic colours, synthetic fragrance, propylene, glycol, silicones, T.E.A, D.E.A, and MIT. Better still, the packaging (which is beautiful, by the way) is 100% recyclable.


All very laudable, of course, but what about the results? Well, the brand gets top marks from me across the board. Here’s what I recommend.


Eye Need Dew eye patches are heavenly to use and contain hyaluronic acid, retinol and collagen. My skin feels hydrated almost immediately and I loved the effect it had in reducing the lines around my eyes. It’s 100% vegan too. Top tip on this one is to keep in the fridge for a refreshing feel and an extra hydration boost.


Supercharged Mix Mask is perfect for when your skin needs some TLC. It’s a powder-to-gel formula, containing sorbitol, hyaluronic acid and even honeysuckle, and feels like the ultimate treatment mask. What I particularly love is that you mix it yourself to activate the ingredients. and it’s fun to pull it off in just one piece afterwards. My daughter calls it my ‘magic mask’.


Microexfolistick is a fantastic way to gently exfoliate your skin. I used it at night and my skin felt silky soft in the morning. It stimulates cell regeneration to improve overall texture and also brightens skin and reduces pigmentation. It’s those clever chemical exfoliators – lactic acid and glycolic acid – which do a lot of the good work here and are so much gentler on the skin than physical exfoliators.


The all-vegan Skinshot Serum is a ‘glow giver’. It contains 100% pure hyaluronic acid solution plus vitamin C powder which, combined together, creates a powerful serum. The product is supplied in a syringe, which helps to keep the ingredients active and fresh. It’s recommended for application once a week. I used this in my night routine. Just make sure it’s fully absorbed into your skin before you turn in for the night, so your skin soaks up all the goodness and not your pillow!


really enjoyed my journey of discovery with Bloom & Halo. My skin feels and looks great and my decision anxiety (for skincare products, at least) is now a thing of the past.



Love Coral




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