The simple way to take charge of your retirement

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The simple way to take charge of your retirement

If, like me, you’ve got a bunch of pensions from various jobs over the years – with most of the documents stuffed into an envelope in the back of a cupboard – and you’re starting to get that niggling, back-of-the-mind concern that your future financial planning might need some attention, then Pension Buddy could be good for you. I used their website to find out things like: how much I might need in retirement, how to track down decades-old pensions and figure out just what I had in each, and the steps I could take to make me feel more comfortable about retirement. The website does all the hard work, giving you a tailored educational plan for retirement in just five minutes.

It was waffle-free, confidential, and easily accessible, thanks to the process being divided into simple bite-sized chunks. I could almost feel relief flooding over me as I started to get to grips with my pension planning. It was great to get a clear view of where I was at financially (basically I’m working right up to retirement age 😔) and to figure out the best way ahead.

Let’s face it, few of us really give much thought to our retirement until it’s too late. To some, the financial side of it seems confusing, to others it feels like a long way away and there are other, more pressing, issues to take care of right now. But what I do know is that I want to keep doing the things I love in retirement – travel, trying great restaurants, buying nice clothes, treating my daughter (and my husband if he’s lucky) occasionally. And I’ll only know if the life I have now will still be possible when I retire if I have a solid plan in place.

By using Pension Buddy’s simple retirement health check, I could quickly see the steps I needed to take to feel more confident about my retirement. It’s honestly been a weight off my mind now I’ve started on this journey. Pension planning is something I’ve put off for years and, now I’ve made the first moves to sort it, I feel more confident about my future.

So, check out Pension Buddy. You’ll be glad you did!

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